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BT Al Saudia - getting well connected in Saudi Arabia

Discover how BT Al Saudia used UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) services to expand overseas.

BT Al Saudia

BT Al Saudia was considering expanding its Saudi operations into the Eastern Province of the Kingdom, and sought UKTI’s advice.

UKTI prepared market information to guide the company, and advised that it would be crucial to have a local presence in order to progress. Having considered UKTI’s report, BT Al Saudia was convinced that there was clear potential for its business in the Eastern Provence and hired a salesperson and sales engineer in Khobar.

In the Spring of 2012, UKTI organised a marketing event for BT Al Saudia at the British Embassy in Riyadh. More than 120 people attended the reception and heard a presentation about the company’s capabilities in video and cyber security. The launch was a great success, and BT Al Saudia has since secured several million pounds worth of business from major clients who attended including Aramco and SABIC, two of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. UKTI has continued to support the company since then.

Thanks to UKTI’s local knowledge and the long list of contacts they gave us, we were able to attract business leaders and public sector figures, making crucial new connections and raising our profile,

says Dale Millar, Managing Director of BT Al Saudia.

UKTI can be a tremendous resource to help you find your way. They have been supporting us wherever needed as we build relationships and uncover opportunities.

BT Al Saudia is a Joint Venture set up in 1989 between BT and a member of the Saudi royal family to provide a wide range of telecommunications and IT services, from basic cabling to video conferencing, across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, it employs 200 people, including technicians and engineers, sales staff and support specialists.

Fast facts

Company BT Al Saudia
Sector Telecommunications
Target Market Saudi Arabia
UKTI Services Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS)
Published 19 March 2014