Case study

BIPC supporting small businesses: MySportScout

Zehir Kadra gives a users perspective on the support provided by Birmingham's Business & IP Centre.

MySportScout website

MySportScout website

MySportWebsite is a football assessment programme using pioneering technology to help improve the technical standards of footballers across the country.

Zehir Kadra had always loved football and dreamt of working within the football industry. After a period of intense research and speaking to a number of professional football coaches, Zehir acquired innovative technology used by Premier League clubs to provide an analysis report based on a user’s ability. The technology can measure a footballer’s accuracy, reaction time, power and other areas to create an in-depth assessment of the player, which can be used by as a development tool for a club’s squad.

When Zehir first had the idea for MySportScout, he visited the Business & IP Centre at the Library of Birmingham. His advisor provided help with the early stages of the business: how to develop the idea, who to speak to, how to define a business plan and how to actually start the business.

You’ve got all this data there, there’s free internet access and it’s just a good place to do research and to get all the information that you need.

The Centre was also able to provide intellectual property support. Zehir attended a session with an intellectual property attorney to look at how to protect the business idea and the MySportScout logo.

IP Attorneys tend to be very expensive, so for anyone starting a business, it’s great to be able to go and get that help for free.

Zehir has since been signed up by the Virgin entrepreneurs programme, Virgin Startup, providing funding and a personal mentor to guide him through the development of his business. He is now looking at getting the programme accredited by the Football Association so he can take MySportScout to the next level.

Published 16 December 2015