You must apply for an exemption if you make, import or distribute appliances that will be used to burn unauthorised fuel in smoke control areas.

An ‘appliance exemption’ shows that fuel-burning appliances, eg stoves, ovens, boilers, emit smoke below the acceptable limits.

You don’t need to get an exemption if the appliances will only be used to burn authorised fuels.

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You must be able to prove that your appliance meets the requirements and has been tested using acceptable methods at an accredited test centre.

Read the full guidance on appliance exemption to find out which documents you must provide, how the application process works, and which testing methods and emission limits are acceptable.

The application fee for the assessment is:

  • £1,695 (excluding VAT) for the first appliance in a range
  • £495 (excluding VAT) for each additional appliance in a range

You’ll also have to arrange and pay for any testing that’s required.

Exempt appliances are added to the exempt appliances list - this also shows which unauthorised fuels they’re allowed to burn.


You can contact Ricardo Energy & Environment if you have any technical questions about your application, eg testing methods. The first hour of advice is free.

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Contact Defra if you have any general questions about your application.

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