Some parts of the country are smoke control areas, where you can only use certain types of fuel.

Find out if you live in a smoke control area

Contact your local council to see if you live in a smoke control area. The environmental services department will be able to help you.

What you can burn in smoke control areas

In a smoke control area you can only burn:

Oil and kindling

You can use oil or other liquid fuels in specially designed fireplaces. Kindling can sometimes also be used - but ask your council first as there are different rules in different areas.

Barbecues and chimineas

You’re allowed barbecues and chimineas, but if your barbecue lets smoke out through a chimney of a building - like a summerhouse - it’s only allowed if it uses gas or electricity.

Exempt appliances that can burn banned fuels

Some boilers, cookers and stoves are allowed to burn banned fuels, which include:

  • wood
  • coal
  • wood chips and pellets

There’s a list of exempt appliances on the Defra website.

You’re allowed garden bonfires in smoke control areas but you need to follow the rules on bonfires.

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