Warning You can't apply for this licence online. Contact your local council


If you’re a forestry trader and wish to produce or import wood or bark material or issue plant passports you must be registered with the Forestry Commission.

Applications must be in writing and contain specific information.

Conditions will apply requiring you to:

  • keep an accurate plan of your premises
  • keep records of relevant material bought by you or brought onto the premises for storage or production and of any such material produced or dispatched from your premises
  • keep all documents relating to such records for one year from the date they were created or received
  • designate someone technically experienced to be available to liaise with the Forestry Commission
  • examine your premises and material in accordance with guidelines
  • make declarations when required to confirm you are willing and able to comply with conditions
  • comply with any other conditions imposed

You must notify the Forestry Commission of any changes to the information provided in your application.