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You must be licensed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to irradiate food in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

Contact the FSA for information on how to apply.

Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland
Telephone: 028 9041 7700
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Applications must include:

  • your details
  • the address where the food will be irradiated
  • when you want the licence to start
  • details of your permission to use ionising radiation
  • a clear description of the food to be irradiated
  • food details

Food details are:

  • why you wish to irradiate the food and the consumer benefits for doing so
  • the method to be used to ensure the food is wholesome before irradiation
  • the minimum, maximum and average radiation dose to be used
  • the irradiation measurement methods and the dosimetry standard to be used on the dose meter
  • any temperature control on the food
  • details if you plan to irradiate food within packaging

You also need to provide:

  • a plan of your facility
  • details of the person who will be responsible for ensuring conditions are complied with
  • confirmation that for each food the irradiation will comply with the regulations and the Joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission Recommended International Code of Practice for the operation of irradiation facilities used for the treatment of foods

Your facility plan must include:

  • the design and construction of it
  • a statement of practices to be used including the radiation you will use
  • the methods to be used and the business control and organisation methods
  • details of the qualifications of the person(s) applying them


A granted licence will detail:

  • your name and the facility address
  • the licence number
  • the food you can irradiate
  • the licence start date, and expiry date if applicable

Detailed conditions will apply to your licence on:

  • the irradiation process
  • storage, transfer and selling
  • records to be kept and sent to FSA

Fines and penalties

You may be fined and/or imprisoned for up to 2 years if you do not follow requirements or conditions.