Search the online Trade Tariff tool for commodity codes. These codes classify goods for import and export so that you pay the right tax and duty and follow regulations.

You must have a commodity code for all goods you want to import or export to and from the UK.

Use the online Trade Tariff to search for commodity codes.

You can also get help with classifying goods and classification guides.

Once you’ve found the correct codes, the Trade Tariff lists other things you may need to import or export your goods, for example:

  • import/export licences or any special regulations for your goods (called ‘measures’)
  • duty to pay
  • VAT to pay
  • duty and tax reliefs
  • exemptions from licences etc in certain countries
  • customs procedures that apply to your goods

You can also buy the print version of the Trade Tariff.

If you can’t find your goods in the Trade Tariff

Contact the Tariff Classification Service by email. You should get a response within 1 working day of your request.

Wrong codes and penalties

It’s your responsibility to get your commodity code and licences right, even if you use an agent.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can fine you, seize your goods and delay their release from customs if you import or export goods with the wrong code or licence.