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You need consent to erect scaffolding or hoardings on a road in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

Download an application form from the NI Direct website or call Roads Service.

Roads Service
Telephone: 028 9025 3000
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You must give the following information:

  • your details
  • agents’ details, if applicable
  • location of the works
  • brief details of proposed works
  • start date and time needed to install
  • removal date and time needed to remove
  • a drawing of the proposed works and details of relevant planning permission


You must pay the Department for Regional Development (DRD) a deposit as security for the proper erection and removal of the equipment, and reinstatement of the road. The amount to be paid will be determined by DRD. A receipt for this deposit will be issued with the consent along with a ‘permanent restoration notice’ and, if applicable, a specification showing the required standard of the works.

The deposit will be returned to you when the restoration notice is received by the DRD and if the road has not been damaged - except if you’ve been allowed to damage the road to carry out excavations or break up the surface.

You are responsible for traffic safety and control during the works.

Fines and penalties

You may be fined up to £1,000 if you carry out works without permission from DRD.