Tramadol 50mg capsules - risk of fungal contamination

(RelonChem Ltd/ Kent Pharmaceuticals) All unexpired batches of 50mg Tramadol capsules are being recalled due to the risk of fungal contamination. Class 2 – action within 48 hours. (EL (15)A/04)

6 May 2015

Class 2 medicines recall

Action within 48 hours

Pharmacy-level recall

MDR 09-04/15

Product details

RelonChem Ltd/ Kent Pharmaceuticals

Tramadol 50mg capsules

PL 20395/0065

Alert details

RelonChem Ltd is recalling all unexpired batches of Tramadol 50mg capsules, due to the risk of fungal contamination. The product is presented in cartons of 30 or 100 capsules, in RelonChem or Kent livery.

Pharmacists are asked to quarantine any remaining stocks of RelonChem or Kent livery Tramadol 50mg capsules.

Stocks in RelonChem livery should be returned to:

Potters Logistics Ltd
Charleywood Road
Merseyside, L33 7SG

Send credit requests to RelonChem. For stock enquiries contact customer services on +44(0) 151 556 1860 or by email to

Stocks in Kent livery should be returned to Kent Pharmaceuticals Limited for credit. For stock enquiries please contact customer services Kent Pharmaceuticals Limited on 0845 437 5565.

For all Medical Information enquiries contact the medical information team +44(0) 151 556 1860 or by email

Recipients of this drug alert should bring it to the attention of relevant contacts by copy of this letter. Local area teams are asked to forward this to relevant clinics, general practitioners and community pharmacists.

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Drug alert EL (15)A/04: recall of unexpired batches of Tramadol 50mg capsules

Published 6 May 2015