Mydriasert 0.28mg/5.4mg Ophthalmic Insert: Company-led recall

Thea Pharmaceuticals are recalling a specific batch of Mydriasert 0.28mg/5.4mg Ophthalmic Insert as it is labelled as being for the French market, rather than the UK market.

Product information

CLDA number

CLDA (18)A/07

MDR number

MDR 15-09/18

Company name

Thea Pharmaceuticals

Product description

Mydriasert 0.28mg/5.4mg Ophthalmic Insert PL 20162/0011

Batch number/expiry

Batch Number Expiry Date
B208811B49C July 2019

Brief description of the problem

The above batch, which has inadvertently been distributed in the UK, is being recalled because it is labelled for the French market.

Company contact for general enquiries:

Christine Purslow

Tel: 07889 535 661


Company contact for further information enquiries:

Medical Information line: 0345 521 1290

Published 11 September 2018