Mitoxantrone 2mg/ml Concentrate for Solution for Infusion - Hospira UK Limited

Hospira UK Limited is recalling 2 specific batches after atypical results for impurities were identified during routine testing.

Product information

CLDA number

CLDA (15)A/11

MDR number

MDR 55-08/15

Company name

Hospira UK Limited

Product description

Mitoxantrone 2mg/ml Concentrate for Solution for Infusion.

PL 04515/0127

Batch number/ expiry

  • Batch number: B024636AB
    • Expiry date: 30 June 2016
  • Batch number: B034636AA
    • Expiry date: 31 December 2016

Brief description of problem

Precautionary recall due to the identification of atypical results for impurities during routine testing. While the above batches are currently within their registered specification, it is possible that they may go out of specification in the coming months.

Company contact for stock enquiries

Hospira UK Customer Services
Telephone: 0800 0287304


Company contact for medical information

Hospira medical Information Team
Telephone: 01926 835509


Published 7 December 2015