Maxolon 5mg/ml, solution for injection, 2ml ampoules PL 20072/0051

AMCo are recalling the listed batches of Maxolon 5mg/ml as the outer carton contains incorrect administration instructions.

Product information

EL number

EL (16)A/02

MDR number

MDR 079-02/16

Company name


Product description

Maxolon 5mg/ml, solution for injection, 2ml ampoules (Metoclopramide)

PL 20072/0051

Batch number/expiry

Batch no Expiry date Pack sizee First distributed
J001 Apr 2020 12 16/11/2015
J003 Oct 2020 12 21/01/2016

Brief description of the problem

AMCo are recalling the listed batches as the outer carton incorrectly states ‘administer prescribed dose either intramuscularly or by slow intravenous injection (1-2 minutes)’. The correct instruction is that the intravenous injection should be administered over at least three minutes. The correct instruction is given in the patient information leaflet and the Summary of Product Characteristics.

Pharmacists are asked to return any stock of the listed batches to the supplying wholesaler.

Advice for healthcare professionals and patients

On 20th December 2013, EMEA published an Article 31 Assessment Report (EMA/13239/2014). This concluded that intravenous doses should be administered as a slow bolus over at least 3 minutes to reduce the risk of adverse effects.

As assessed by EMEA, Metoclopramide has long been associated with a risk of serious neurological adverse reactions such as acute extrapyramidal symptoms and irreversible tardive dyskinesia. The slow administration of intravenous doses as a slow bolus over at least 3 minutes lowers the risk of all dystonic reactions. If you experience any other side-effects, or have any questions or concerns about your health, speak to your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional.

Older batches not included in the recall also have the old wording for the administration time; these were covered by a letter to healthcare professionals informing them of the new advice. The MHRA/CHM advice is also given in the BNF.

Letter to healthcare professionals regarding metoclopramide

Any suspected side effects can be reported to MHRA through our medicines safety monitoring system, the Yellow Card Scheme or through the Yellow Card app available on iOS or Android.

Company contact for medical information enquiries

AMCo Medical Information:
Telephone: 08700 70 30 33


Company contact for stock enquiries

AMCo Customer Services:
Telephone: 0870 887 7025


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Class 2 medicines recall: Maxolon 5mg/ml, solution for injection, 2ml ampoules PL 20072/0051 (EL (16)A/02)

Recipients of this Drug Alert should bring it to the attention of relevant contacts by copy of this letter. Local area teams are asked to forward this to relevant clinics, general practitioners and community pharmacists for information.

Published 29 February 2016
Last updated 1 March 2016 + show all updates
  1. Under advice for healthcare professionals and patients, added clarification around added batches not included in the recall.
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