Idarubicin 1mg/ml injection 5 and 10ml - Teva UK Limited (CLDA (15)A/12)

Teva UK Limited is recalling 2 batches as a precautionary measure after visible particles were found during testing.

Product information

CLDA number

CLDA (15)A/12

MDR number

MDR 35-12/15

Company name

Teva UK Limited

Product description

Idarubicin 1mg/ml injection 5 & 10ml

PL 00289/1080

Batch number/ expiry

Batch no Expiry date Pack size
8781113 30 November 2016 5ml
3340413 30 April 2016 31 10ml

Brief description of problem

Precautionary recall due to the discovery of visible particles during routine testing.

Company contact for stock enquiries/ uplift

Hospira UK Customer Services
Telephone: 0800 590 502

Company contact for medical information

Teva UK Limited Medical Information
Telephone: 020 7540 7117


Published 17 December 2015