Exocin 3mg/ml eye drops - recall of Danish language packs

(Allergan UK Limited) Specific batch including a Danish language pack was shipped to the UK in error. Class 3 – action within 5 days. (EL (15)A/03)

23 April 2015

Class 3 medicines recall

Action within 5 days

Pharmacy-level recall

MDR 13-04/15

Product details

Allergen UK Limited

Exocin 3mg/ml eye drops - Danish language packs only


Batch number Expiry date Pack size First distributed
E75048 Dec 2016 1 x 5ml 3 March 2015

Alert details

Allergan UK Limited is recalling Danish language packs of the above batch which have been shipped to the UK in error along with UK packs with the same batch number.

Recipients of the batch are requested to check that the units they have are English language packs. If any Danish language packs are identified, they should be quarantined. To arrange return and replacement please contact Allergan customer services on 0800 3767975 and choose option 2.

Recipients of this drug alert should bring it to the attention of relevant contacts by copy of this letter. Local area teams are asked to forward this to relevant clinics, community pharmacists and dispensing general practitioners.

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Drug alert EL (15)A/03: recall of Danish language packs delivered with Exocin 3mg/ml eye drops

Published 23 April 2015