Epistatus, Midazolam 10mg in 1ml Buccal Liquid x 5ml - packs containing new syringes to be distributed

(Special Products Ltd) Packs containing the new syringe to be distributed from September 2012 – class 4 caution in use - class 4 caution in use. (EL (12)A/26)

Class 4 caution in use

Additional  information following our alerts:

  • EL(12)A/08 issued on 28 February 2012
  • EL(12)A/10 issued on 6 March 2012
  • EL(12)A/16 issued on 24 April 2012

For distribution to hospitals, clinics, wholesalers, GPs and community pharmacists

MDR 08-02/12

Product details

Special Products Ltd

Epistatus, Midazolam 10mg in 1ml Buccal Liquid x 5ml (M11)

Unlicensed medicine made under Manufacturers Specials licence MS 123.

Alert details

As mentioned  in our previous alert, EL(12)A/16, Special Products Ltd have now made a final change to the syringe, within the Epistatus packs, to one without a luer tip. The packs containing the new syringe will be distributed from September 2012.

The modifications to the Epistatus packs will be:

  • removal of the luer tip from the syringe
  • new bottle adaptor compatible with the syringe without a luer tip

The syringe will be graduated to 1.0ml with a plunger stop at the 1.0ml position. The packs containing this new syringe and dosing adaptor will be identifiable via yellow and black flashing on the carton stating “This pack contains 1ml syringes without luer tip.”  This is expected to complete the final change to this product..

It should be noted that Epistatus packs containing the previous versions of the syringes referenced in EL(12)A/08, EL(12)A/10 and EL(12)A/16 will remain within the distribution chain until stock is exhausted.

As previously stated Special Products Ltd have requested that all patients are informed that they should use the syringe graduations and not rely on the plunger stop irrespective of the batch number(s) as this is considered good clinical practice.

For Special Products Ltd Medical Information enquiries, please telephone 01932 690325.

Recipients of this drug alert should bring it to the attention of relevant contacts by copy of this letter. Primary care trusts are asked to forward this letter to relevant clinics, general practitioners and community pharmacists.

MHRA distribution

Further recipients by cascade):

Regional contacts for NHS trusts and provider units
Chief pharmacists: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
Prison Health Policy Unit (DH)
Chief Pharmacists:  Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Isle of Man, Gibraltar
Special Hospitals
Healthcare Commission for distribution to Independent Health Care Establishments
Primary care trusts (England)

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Published 17 December 2014