Denzapine 50mg/ml Oral Suspension - company led recall

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd has issued a company-led drug alert for Denzapine 50mg/ml Oral Suspension (CLDA (18)A/03)

Product information

CLDA number

CLDA (18)A/03

MDR number


Company name

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Product description

Denzapine 50mg/ml Oral Suspension


Batch number/expiry

Batch No. Expiry date
Batch A0515 Exp 06/2018
Batch A1046 Exp 08/2018
Batch A2074 Exp 10/2018

Brief description of the problem

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd is recalling the above batches because of increased crystallisation of the active ingredient which may affect delivery of the full dose. The company is also issuing a letter to Healthcare Professionals reminding them of the shaking instructions given in the Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient information Leaflet.

Letter to Healthcare Professionals - Denzapine 50mg/ml Oral Suspension

Company contact for stock enquiries

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd customer services.

Tel: 01189 209 577

Company contact for medical information

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd Medical Information Service.

Tel: 01483 920 763

Published 25 June 2018