Chirocaine 5mg/ml solution for injection/concentrate - Abbvie Limited - CLDA (15)A/05 - 30 July 2015

Recalls of medicines issued by manufacturers.

Product information

CLDA number

CLDA (15) A/05

MDR number


Company name

Abbvie Limited

Product description

Chirocaine 5mg/ml solution for injection/concentrate for solution for infusion

PL 41042/0006

Batch number/ expiry

Outer packaging: 1034336

Ampoule: 288474

Expiry: November 2017

Brief description of problem

Abbvie Limited is recalling the above batch, which was intended for the Philippines and has inadvertently been distributed in the UK. Although the labelling and the patient information leaflet are in English, the text is different from the UK version and some important safety information is missing.

Company contact for medical information enquiries

Telephone: 01628 774933

Company Contact for stock enquiries

Telephone: 0800 783 1699


Published 30 July 2015