Your employment rights

When you work in the UK your employer must:

  • pay you an agreed rate, which must be at least the national minimum wage
  • not force you to work excessive hours
  • give you agreed holiday pay
  • give you the notice you’re entitled to if your employment ends

You should already have agreed your employment conditions with your employer and have a copy of these in writing. Your employer cannot change your employment conditions unless you agree.

If your employer does not meet these requirements, you can take legal action through an employment or industrial tribunal or the civil courts.

Get advice and support

You can get free and confidential advice from the Acas helpline.

You can also contact these organisations for help from Kalayaan - for free, confidential and independent advice for domestic workers in the UK.

If you want to return home

Contact your country’s Embassy or High Commission in the UK if you want to return home.

You can also get free, confidential advice and information from the charity Choices.