6. Consignee returns

Consignee returns are reports on any hazardous waste received, treated or disposed of by a business (the ‘consignee’).

You’re a waste producer or holder

You should get consignee returns every quarter from the consignee dealing with your hazardous waste.

Ask for consignee returns in writing if you don’t get them – you need them to keep records.

You should contact the Environment Agency and stop using a waste business if they don’t provide consignee returns.

You’re a consignee

You must send consignee returns every quarter to the:

  • Environment Agency
  • the waste producer or holder

You must send separate consignee returns to the Environment Agency and the waste producer or holder, eg you can’t send copies of the same document to both.

Read the consignee returns guidance for help with filling in your consignee returns.

Send consignee returns to the Environment Agency

  1. Fill in the consignee returns spreadsheet.

  2. Send the spreadsheet to the Environment Agency - either email it to hazwastereturn@environment-agency.gov.uk or upload it online (in Wales email it to waleshazreturns@cyfoethnaturiolcymru.gov.uk).

Read the consignee returns guidance for other ways you can send your returns.


Reporting period Deadline
January to March 30 April
April to June 31 July
July to September 31 October
October to December 31 January


Fees are per consignment of waste and depend on whether the consignment formed part of a multiple collection (eg came from multiple locations) or not. The fees are:

  • single consignment - £10 (electronic returns) or £19 (paper returns)
  • multiple collection - £5 (electronic returns) or £10 (paper returns)