Pathways Middle East Synthesis Report 2006-2011


This report provides highlights of some of the activities and research undertaken over the past five years. The initial projects undertaken by Pathways in Egypt and Palestine were selected for their promise and potential to impact the lives of women. Legal reform, welfare and social protection, access to paid work, cultural and political representation, and the burgeoning forces of new feminisms were and still are the idioms of a gender justice language and the interventions proposed by policymakers and activists. Relevance, significance, and potential for impact were the three conditions that researchers agreed to meet in their selection of research, communication, and advocacy projects and activities. The notable achievement of pathways in the Arab region has been its contribution towards creating a cadre of highly regarded scholars whose work is well received in policy and activist circles. The work of pathways has been adopted by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt, by feminist NGOs and by the National Council for Women. The artistic work such as the feminist storytelling project has attracted the public, and the media has taken an interest in the projects and photographs from Pathways and featured this work in newspapers and on television.


Pathways Middle East. Pathways Middle East Synthesis Report 2006-2011. Pathways Middle East, Cairo, Egypt (2011) 36 pp.

Pathways Middle East Synthesis Report 2006-2011

Published 1 January 2011