Education Technology Evidence Map

This evidence map identifies evidence on the use of technology for education in low resource environments


This evidence mapping was conducted to identify the empirical evidence on the use of technology for education in low-resource environments. The findings are presented in the form of an evidence gap map and accompanying user guide. It is intended to be a resource for all those in the sector seeking to engage with the evidence regarding education technology.

The evidence mapping included a rigorous review of the current evidence in this area. Selected sources, including journal indices, online research and evaluation repositories, resource centres and experts were interrogated. Studies that explored interventions and results were selected for inclusion in a database and coded according to the publication type, thematic focus, intervention, output and outcome categories.

This mapping was funded from the Department for International Development’s Policy Relevent Evidence Products programme.


Muyoya, C., Brugha, M., Hollow, D. Education technology map: guidance document. Jigsaw Consult, UK, (2016) 35p

Published 16 December 2016