Case study


Equipping schools in rural and underserved areas of Tanzania with ICT infrastructure.

Image of woman using ICT infrastructure.
Credit: Avanti.

UK Lead Supplier

Avanti Communications Ltd.

International Partner

This programme works with a number of international partners, including:

  • the Tanzania Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF)
  • the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT)
  • the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation (TIRDO)

Avanti Communications will deliver a major ICT infrastructure and e-learning programme to teachers across Tanzania.

The iKnowledge programme will equip up to 250 schools in rural and underserved areas of Tanzania with ICT infrastructure. This includes broadband internet via satellite, alongside provision of ICT training and educational content for teachers to apply straight to the classroom. Powered by resilient Ka-band satellite technology, delivery will be supported locally by technology NGO Camara Education Tanzania and service provider Infinity Africa Network Ltd. The iKnowledge project will improve quality levels of teaching in rural and remote areas in core curriculum subjects, alongside advancing teachers’ digital literacy through a sustainable training model. The system is also dual-use, and when not in use by schools, can be used by the local community, providing broadband connectivity for business and social uses.

Published 17 September 2015