Data protection and your business

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Monitoring staff at work

You must be able to justify monitoring staff at work, which could include:

  • using CCTV
  • keeping records of phone calls
  • logging their email or internet use
  • searching staff or their work areas

Employees have rights at work and if you do not treat them fairly they could:

  • take you to an employment tribunal
  • complain to the Information Commissioner

You must make them aware that they’re being monitored, and why - for example by sending them an email.

Also explain your policies on things like using work computers or phones for personal use.

Monitoring staff without their knowledge

You can monitor staff without their knowledge if:

  • you suspect they’re breaking the law
  • letting them know about it would make it hard to detect the crime

Only do this as part of a specific investigation, and stop when the investigation is over.