First-tier Tribunal (Care Standards)

What the First-tier Tribunal (Care Standards) does

We’re aware of people receiving fraudulent calls from telephone numbers mimicking genuine court or tribunal numbers. This is a scam. The callers may request payment and claim to be from HMRC or other government departments. If you receive a call like this, please don’t make a payment or share any details. You can report the call to Action Fraud and HMRC.

We’re responsible for handling appeals against decisions by the Secretary of State for Education, the Secretary of State for Health, Care Quality Commission, Ofsted or the Care Council of Wales which exclude, remove or suspend you from a register to work with or care for children or vulnerable adults.

Who we are

We are part of the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber, one of 7 chambers of the First-tier Tribunal which settles legal disputes and is structured around particular areas of law.

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