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You must have consent to alter a wall, fence or drain at the side of a road in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

Downloaded the application forms from the NI Direct website call Roads Service.

Roads Service
028 9025 3000
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You must give the following information:

  • your details
  • agents’ details if applicable
  • location of the works
  • reason for alteration
  • description of the works
  • proposed start and finish date
  • whether planning permission has been sought and the application number

You may also need to supply a drawing of the proposed works.


Before the work begins you must pay the Department for Regional Development (DRD) a deposit as security for the carrying out and completion of the works. DRD will determine the amount to be paid.

The consent and deposit will be issued along with a Permanent Restoration Notice and, if necessary, a specification showing the required standard of the works. The deposit will be returned when any damage to the road has been made good and maintained for 6 months to the satisfaction of DRD.

You must also:

  • indemnify DRD against any third party claims which arise as a result of the works
  • provide adequate insurance cover
  • ensure all obstructions and excavations are marked, signed and guarded, from sunset to sunrise, lit and guarded for the duration of the works
  • contact all relevant service authorities and establish the position and depth of cables, watermains, pipes etc.

You are also liable for any damage caused to services.

Fines and penalties

You may be fined up to £1,000 if you carry out works without permission from DRD.