You can't apply for this licence online. Contact your local council.


You must have permission from your local council to distribute leaflets within designated litter control areas.

How to apply

You should apply directly to your local council for distribution consent.

The local council may approve your consent but limit it to:

  • the material to be distributed
  • a particular period of time
  • a specific area of the designated land
  • particular distribution

You may have to pay a fee for your application.


You must also have permission from your local council if someone else is distributing the printed material for you.

‘Distributing’ material includes giving it out, offering or making it available to members of the public. It also includes placing printed material on vehicles.

A ‘designated area’ is land that the council believes is being defaced by the discarding of printed material, so they have protected it through an order.


You may not need local council permission to hand out any printed material that is:

  • related to, or intended for the benefit of a charity
  • for political purposes
  • for religious purposes or a belief

You don’t need permission to post printed material in a letterbox or a building.

Fines and penalties

You may be fined if you don’t have permission from your local council to hand out printed material.