Verizon / Vodafone Appeal

The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has published the Competition Commission’s (CC’s) final determination in an appeal brought by Verizon and Vodafone, following their appeal against a price control decision by Ofcom on how much British Telecom can charge communications providers for access to some of its business connectivity services using Traditional Interface technologies.

Administrative timetable

  • Originally published on the 20 August 2013, as required by Rule 6 of the Competition Commission Rules of Procedure. Revision published on the 16 October 2013.
Phase 2 Action
22 July 2013 Vodafone and Verizon reference made by the Competition Appeal Tribunal
27 August 2013 Closing date for Core Submissions
September 2013 Bilateral hearings with main parties and interveners
October/early November 2013 Provisional determination published
November 2013 Submissions on provisional determination
November 2013 Hearings on provisional determination
November 2013 Submissions on provisional determination
23 December 2013 Statutory deadline for determination

Phase 2

Date of referral: 22/07/2013 Statutory deadline: 23/12/2013


Background information

Inquiry Group

Core documents

Published 20 May 2014