Provision of products and/or services to the construction industry: civil investigation

The CMA is investigating suspected anti-competitive behaviour in relation to the provision of products and/or services to the construction industry in the United Kingdom.

Case timetable

Date Action
November 2018 Investigation continuing (further update by the end of April 2019)
March 2018 Decision taken to proceed with the investigation (further update by the end of November 2018)
August 2017 to March 2018 Further information gathering and analysis of information requests
July 2017 Decision taken to proceed with the investigation (further update by the end of March 2018)
February to July 2017 Initial investigation, including information gathering, analysis and review of material
28 February 2017 Investigation opened

Change log

The following changes have been made to the case timetable since it was first published in March 2017:

Date of change Reason for change Change made to timetable
29 March 2018 Additional time needed to gather and analyse additional information Date for further update changed from February 2018 to March 2018

Case information

  • The investigation concerns suspected infringements of Chapter I of the Competition Act 1998 and/or Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
  • Changes to the timing of original entries in the case timetable will be made where the estimated timing in the original timetable changes.
  • The investigation is ongoing and the CMA has not reached a view as to whether there is sufficient evidence of an infringement of competition law for it to issue a statement of objections to the parties under investigation. Not all cases result in the CMA issuing a statement of objections.
  • As a result, it would not be appropriate at present to include any further estimates of the timing of any later investigative steps at this stage.


Team leader

Adam Watts (020 3738 6424,

Joint project directors

Deborah Wilkie (020 3738 6606,

Sarah Northam (020 3738 6270,

Senior responsible officer

Howard Cartlidge (0203 738 6699,

Media enquiries

Any media enquiries should be directed to a member of our Press Office

Published 2 March 2017
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