The CMA is investigating potential breaches of consumer protection law in the leasehold housing market.

Investigation launch

11 June 2019: The Competition and Markets Authority opened an investigation into the leasehold housing market. We will shortly be writing to a range of market participants to ask for information. The CMA is concerned about potential leasehold mis-selling, and whether leasehold contract terms are onerous and unfair in relation to ground rent, permission and other charges. At this early stage, the CMA has not reached a view whether or not any person or company has broken consumer protection law.

Call for your views

If you wish to provide information to the CMA please use one or more of the following email addresses below:

In the heading of your email please indicate the address of the property about which you are getting in touch with the CMA and any other relevant material such as, should you be contacting us to make a complaint, the person against whom you wish to complain.

In your email please provide as much detail as you are comfortable with including timescales and dates, values and frequency of payments etc, and indicate whether you consent for us processing your personal data to further our investigation.

We would appreciate initial responses by 12 July.


Principal Case Officer

Dr. Michael Ross (


Simon Jones (

Senior Responsible Officer

George Lusty (

Published 11 June 2019