Conduct in the pharmaceutical sector investigation

The CMA investigated a suspected breach of competition law in relation to the pharmaceutical sector. The investigation was under Chapter II of the CA98 and Article 102 of the TFEU.

Case Reference: CE/9855-14

Case timetable

First published: June 2014

Date Action
June 2015 Decision to close the investigation on administrative priority grounds
December to June 2015 Further investigation including further analysis and potential further information requests and stakeholder meetings
November 2014 Decision on whether to proceed with investigation or to close the investigation
September 2014 Potential state of play meetings with parties under investigation
June to October 2014 CMA analysis and review of parties’ responses to information requests
June to October 2014 Initial investigation: information gathering, including issuance of formal or informal information requests and parties’ responses
24 June 2014 Investigation opened

Change log

The following changes have been made to the case timetable since it was first published in June 2014:

Date of change Reason for change Change made to timetable
31 March 2015 Additional time needed to gather and analyse additional evidence Estimated timing of decision on whether to proceed with the investigation or to close the investigation revised from March 2015 to June 2015

Case closure statement and guidance on rebates and discounts

26 June 2015: The CMA has closed its investigation into conduct in the pharmaceutical sector on the grounds of administrative priorities.

The reasons for closing the investigation are set out in the CMA’s case closure statement. In order to provide general guidance to businesses and their advisers, the statement also describes some of the circumstances in which the provision of rebates or discounts by a dominant company may raise competition concerns.


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Project director

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Senior responsible officer

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Published 26 June 2015