Flat-roofing contracts in the West Midlands: collusive tendering

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) closed Competition Act 1998 case.

No. CA98/1/2004

Decision of the OFT: westmidlandsroofing.pdf

This decision was appealed to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) on 14 May 2004 (by Apex Asphalt and Paving Co. Limited) and on 11 May 2004 (by Richard W. Price (Roofing Contractors) Ltd. On the 24 February 2005 the CAT upheld the OFT's decision on liability in its entirety. For further details, see the Competition Appeal Tribunal website.

The list below sets out the parties and the penalty for each party.  

Apex - £35,922.80
Briggs - £0 
Brindley - £55,540.80
General Asphalte - £63,192.86
Howard Evans - £35,510.25 
Price - £18,000.00
Redbrook - £17,802.90
Rio - £45,049.68
Solihull - £26,606.25

Brigg's financial penalty was reduced to zero because it was granted total immunity.  Howard Evans' financial penalty was reduced to £35,510.25 because it was granted a 50 per cent reduction from financial penalties as part of the OFT's leniency scheme.

Published 17 March 2004