Electric vehicle charging market study

The Competition and Markets Authority has completed its market study into electric vehicle charging in the UK.

Administration timetable

Date Action
23 July 2021 Final report published
1 December 2021 Statutory deadline
1 June 2021 Statutory deadline for publishing notice
5 January 2021 Deadline for responses to the invitation to comment
2 December 2020 Launch of market study


Email: EVCharging@cma.gov.uk

Open letter regarding electric vehicle charging competition along motorways

16 November 2023: The CMA has published an open letter to electric vehicle chargepoint operators (CPOs) and motorway service area (MSA) site operators.

Response to market study

25 March 2022: Alongside the publication of the Government’s EV infrastructure strategy, the Government have published their response to the recommendations in our market study into electric vehicle (EV) charging in the UK, published in July 2021.

Final report

23 July 2021: We have published the final report of our market study into electric vehicle charging. We have set out a package of recommendations to unlock greater investment, promote competition and build people’s trust in this sector.

We have also opened a competition law investigation into the supply of electric vehicle chargepoints on or near motorways.

Decision not to make a reference

26 May 2021: The CMA has published a notice of its decision not to make a market investigation reference, and a brief update on its electric vehicle charging market study.

Progress update

1 March 2021: Since launching the study, the CMA has been gathering information and discussing issues with a range of stakeholders. We are in the process of reviewing the information / evidence provided and carrying out analysis as set out in our ITC.

Responses to Invitation to Comment

Launch of the study

2 December 2020: The CMA has launched a market study into the electric vehicle charging sector in the UK. We are considering 2 broad themes:

  • how to develop a competitive sector while also attracting private investment to help the sector grow
  • how to ensure people using electric vehicle chargepoints have confidence that they can get the best out of the service

We are inviting comments by 5 January 2021 on the issues raised in the invitation to comment, including from interested parties such as chargepoint providers, industry bodies, regulators, local authorities and consumer groups.

Personal information

The CMA may collect, use and share personal data for its market studies under the Enterprise Act 2002. This includes processing personal data for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

For more information about how the CMA handles personal information, see the CMA’s Personal Information Charter.

Published 2 December 2020
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  1. Open letter regarding electric vehicle charging competition along motorways published.

  2. Government response to market study published to the page.

  3. Final report of the CMA's market study into electric vehicle charging published.

  4. An update has been added to announce that the CMA will publish its final report on 23 July 2021.

  5. Decision not to make a reference and progress update document published.

  6. Invitation to comment responses and update on the market study published.

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