AkzoNobel / Metlac Holding merger inquiry

The Competition Commission investigated the anticipated acquisition by AkzoNobel of Metlac Holding and the CMA accepted final undertakings.

Administrative timetable

  • Revised administrative timetable published on 29 November 2012, as required by Rule 6 of the Competition Commission Rules of Procedure. Any further revisions made to the timetable will be published on this website.
Phase 2 Action
23 May 2012 Merger reference made
May to June Gathering information, attending site visits, issuing questionnaires, holding third party hearings
Late June Publish statement of issues
Early to mid August Holding main party hearings
22 August 2012 Deadline for all parties’ responses/submissions in advance of provisional findings
20 September Notifying provisional findings and if required considering possible remedies
Mid October Holding response hearing(s)
Late October Final deadline for all parties’ responses/submissions
Late December Publish final report
1 January 2013 Revised statutory deadline

Phase 2

Date of referral: 23.05.12 Statutory deadline: 06.11.12


Email: Akzo.Metlac@cma.gsi.gov.uk

Final undertakings

1 October 2015: The CMA has accepted final undertakings from AkzoNobel and the Bocchio family to remedy the substantial lessening of competition identified in the final report.

Notice of proposal to accept final undertakings

14 August 2015: The CMA has published a notice of proposal to accept final undertakings from AkzoNobel and the Bocchio family and is inviting comments.



Responses to provisional findings report and Notice of possible remedies

Summaries of hearings held with third parties

Responses to issues statement

Initial submissions


News releases

Core documents

Phase 1

Affected market: Manufacture and supply of metal packaging coatings and metal decorating inks No. ME/5319/12


Full text of decision: Anticipated acquisition by Akzo Nobel NV of Metlac Holding S.R.L

Published 1 October 2015