Acorn Mobility Services Ltd: unfair consumer contract terms and conditions

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) closed investigation under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002.

As part of the work OFT carried out in the course of its market study into the mobility aids market sector we carried out an investigation into the fairness of Acorn Mobility Services Limited's (Acorn) Terms and Conditions for consumers and into customer service issues reported through Consumer Direct.

In the course of the OFT's investigation, Acorn has worked closely with the OFT to improve:

  • its terms and conditions, in line with unfair contract terms legislation, and
  • its internal processes, to improve its standards of customer care.

We have appreciated the company's willingness to engage with us. The contact has been extremely positive and the company has implemented revised terms and conditions, resulting in improvements for consumers. Acorn has also improved its sales and after-sales care, and continues to work closely with its local TSS to improve complaints handling. These improvements are being monitored by local TSS.

We anticipate that this intervention is likely to represent significant improvements for consumers both in relation to purchases and service agreements and will consequently also drive up competitive standards across the market.

Published 1 February 2012