You can make a claim for compensation if your vehicle has been damaged on a road managed by Highways England. This includes motorways and some A roads in England.

You can’t claim compensation from Highways England if debris from another vehicle caused the damage. Contact your insurer instead.

How to make a claim

Contact Highways England to tell them:

  • what the damage was
  • why you think Highways England is responsible
  • the specific location where the damage took place - the road name and the nearest marker post number or feature which identifies the part of the road you were on
  • the date and time the damage was caused

Highways England
Telephone: 0300 123 5000
24-hour service
Find out about call charges

Damage report form

You’ll be sent a damage report form if Highways England believes you have a valid claim. Fill it in and provide:

  • copies of estimates or invoices for repairs to your vehicle
  • a current MOT certificate
  • photos of the damage if you have them

Send it to the address on the form. You’ll get a decision about your claim within 90 days.

Trespassing on a motorway is a criminal offence. Don’t visit or try to photograph the location where your vehicle was damaged.