You can't apply for this licence online. Contact your local council.


You must have a licence for a child to take part in a public performance in Northern Ireland.

You need a licence if you charge an admission fee for your performance, hold it in a licensed premises or registered club, or if it is broadcast or recorded.

A performance includes rehearsals or preparation for recording.

How to apply

Contact the local education and library board where the performance will take place.

You must apply at least 30 days before the first performance.

Your application must include:

  • written consent of the parent or carer
  • written consent of the child’s school principal if they will need to be absent from school
  • photographs of the child
  • proof of age of the child


The local education and library board may attach conditions to your licence.

A child must be accompanied by a parent or a registered chaperone at all times during rehearsal and performance.

A licence for a child under 14 may only be awarded if it is for:

  • acting, and only a child under 14 can take the role
  • a musical role, and the performance is mainly musical or is only opera or ballet
  • ballet, and the part can only be taken by a child of that particular age

Children must not take part in performances that could endanger their life or cause injury. A licence may be granted for the training of a child over 12 to take part in performances of a dangerous nature, with specified conditions. Children under 12 must not be trained to take part in dangerous performances.


You don’t need a new licence for a child who has not taken part in other performances for up to 3 days in the last 6 months.

Where the performance is by a school or other approved body, and no payment will be received by anyone, a licence is not required.

You don’t need a licence for children being interviewed or filmed while taking part in some normal activity not especially arranged for the purpose.

This may include attending an event with parents, playing in the park, or responding to a news event as a member of the public. In such circumstances, consent to film should be sought from a parent or carer. If the activity is directed in any way it becomes a performance.