Check if your university or college can award a degree

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If your degree is not officially recognised, it might not be accepted by employers or universities.

Your degree will be officially recognised if it’s either:

If your institution or award is not listed

Your degree can be awarded by a different institution from the place you’re studying.

Your degree will still be officially recognised if the institution that awards your degree is on the list of recognised bodies.

If you’re not sure who awards your degree, ask your university or college, or check their website or prospectus. You can double check this with the institution you’re told awards your degree.

If you have any questions

If you’re not sure who awards your degree after speaking to your university or college, who you contact depends on where you study in the UK.

If you study in England

Email the Office for Students -

If you study in Northern Ireland

Contact the Northern Ireland Executive higher education division.

If you study in Scotland

Contact the Scottish Government central enquiry unit.

If you study in Wales

Email the Welsh Government -