Appeals and determinations

You can appeal if you think your project should not have to comply with building regulations.

Ask for a ‘determination’ if you’re refused building regulations approval and you think the building control body (BCB) decision is unfair.

If you think you should not have to comply

Ask your local authority to ignore or relax one or more of the building regulations if you think your project shouldn’t have to comply with them.

If the local authority still says you have to comply, you can appeal to government. You have a month to make the appeal.

Find out about making an appeal.

You cannot ask a private BCB to ignore or relax the building regulations. You’ll have to ask your local authority BCB instead.

If the BCB refuses building regulations approval

You can ask for a ‘determination’ - a decision by government - if a BCB says your plans do not comply but you believe they do. Find out about asking for a determination.

How to appeal or get a determination

You’ll need to read the guidance and fill in a form.

You’ll have to pay a fee when you ask for a determination unless your building work is for disabled people. You don’t have to pay a fee to appeal.