Take cash in and out of the UK

The Brexit transition period has ended and new rules on taking cash in and out of Great Britain and Northern Ireland now apply. This page is currently out of date.

Travelling in the EU

You can bring cash to the UK from an EU country, you do not need to declare it.

You may need to declare cash you take in to EU countries - check with the authorities in the country you’re travelling to.

Travelling outside the EU

You must declare cash of €10,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) if you take it between the UK and any non-EU country.

Cash includes:

  • notes and coins
  • bankers’ drafts
  • travellers’ cheques
  • cheques (including travellers’ cheques) that are signed but not made out to a person or organisation

If you’re travelling as a family you need to declare cash over €10,000.

Declare cash

You can make a cash declaration online up to 72 hours before you travel.

If you cannot use the online service, you can ask for paper form BOR9011 at the port or airport.


You could face a penalty of up to £5,000 if you do not declare your cash or give incorrect information.

Your declared cash can be seized by customs officers if they have reasonable grounds to suspect a crime. They can keep the cash for 48 hours - after that they need a court order.

How to appeal a penalty

You can write to Border Force Reviews and Appeals if you disagree with a penalty. You must state why you disagree with the decision you’ve been given.

You have 30 days to appeal from the date of the penalty notice.

Border Force Reviews and Appeals
Ebrington Street