Taking standards checks

You have to take regular standards checks as an approved driving instructor (ADI). This assesses your continuing ability to instruct someone with a provisional or full driving licence.

You don’t have to take a separate check to stay on the fleet driver trainer register.

How the test works

Standards checks are based on the examiner observing a normal lesson which should last for around an hour. After the lesson you should allow at least 15 minutes for the debrief.

You can bring a learner driver or a full licence holder who can be:

  • a driver you haven’t assessed
  • a driver you have assessed

A driver you haven’t assessed

You can bring a driver you haven’t assessed and:

  • give a presentation on occupational risk
  • introduce them to the training vehicle, covering safety checks
  • do a driver assessment and profile to establish their main risk areas and provide the necessary coaching

A driver you have assessed

You can bring a driver you’ve already assessed. You’ll need to tell the examiner what main risk areas you intend to provide coaching for during the standards check.

Your standards check result

You’ll get a grade at the end of your standards check. This works the same as a normal ADI standards check.

Being removed from the register

You’ll be removed from both the ADI register and the register of fleet drivers if you:

  • fail the standards check
  • don’t attend your standards check appointment