How to qualify as a fleet driver trainer

There are 2 ways you can qualify as a fleet driver trainer and join the register.

Option 1 - qualifying tests

You have to pass the following 3 qualifying tests:

  • a multiple-choice theory test
  • a driving ability test
  • an instructional ability test

You must pass the instructional ability test within 1 year of passing the theory test.

You have to start at the beginning and complete all 3 tests again if you can’t pass all the tests within the year.

You get 3 attempts at each test. You must wait 1 year before sending a new application to start the process again if you use up all your attempts.

You must register with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) within 1 year of passing the final test.

Option 2 - training

You can take a training course accredited by DVSA to join the register.

You must register with DVSA within 1 year of completing the course.