Applying to become bankrupt

Get a person at risk of violence (PARV) order

When you’re made bankrupt, your name and address will be published in:

If having your address published will put you at risk of violence, you can apply to the court for a person at risk of violence (PARV) order.

Your name will still be published, but your address won’t be.

You can only apply for a PARV if you’ve already started a bankruptcy application.

How to apply

Download and fill in the application form.

Take your completed form to your nearest court that deals with bankruptcy. They’ll tell you if you need to pay a fee to apply.

You’ll have to go to a hearing to present your application to a judge - the court will tell you when and where this will take place. You’ll usually get a decision on the same day.

Submit your bankruptcy application once you have your PARV order.