MBD v Secretary of State for the Home Department: AS/07/06/15491

Asylum Support Tribunal decision of Judge Storey on 11 July 2007.

Refusal of Section 4 support. Appellant rejected by voluntary return and reintegration scheme due to a deportation order, which had been outstanding for some 12 months with no removal effected. Assisted voluntary return applications are only one way of demonstrating that reasonable steps are being taken to leave the UK. In other respects the appellant demonstrated co-operation with the Immigration Service to secure travel documents for either removal or voluntary return and should not be penalised for the failure of the Home Office to implement the deportation order in a timely fashion. Entitled to support under Regulation 3(2)(a).

Read the full decision in MBD v SOS AS_07_06_15491

Published 8 February 2017