KK v Secretary of State for the Home Department: AS/15/07/33514

Asylum Support Tribunal decision of Judge Carter on 20 July 2015.

Refusal of Section 95 support – the appellant’s asylum claim ended when he left the UK. R (on the application of YH) v SSHD [2008] EWHC 2174 (Admin) – the appellant’s renewed claim for asylum on return to the UK is to be treated as fresh representations in relation to the original asylum claim. These representations have not been recorded as an asylum claim – Nigatu v S of S (Home) [2004] EWHC 1806 (Admin). No entitlement to Section 95 support. Can apply for Section 4(2) support.

Read the full decision in KK v SOS AS_15_07_33514

Published 8 February 2017