Approved driving instructor (ADI) professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is voluntary training you can take to keep your skills up to date - you decide how you do it and pay any costs involved.

As an approved driving instructor (ADI), you can take CPD in different ways. You can:

  • update your teaching or driving skills - find driving instructor training courses
  • go to local or national meetings or seminars
  • research new vehicles for your business
  • spend time developing your business skills
  • go on formal courses
  • spend time on the internet carrying out research
  • network with other driver trainers

Record your CPD

The CPD you take should link with the competencies in the driver trainer competence framework. You can download a template to record your CPD against the framework.

Commit to CPD

You can record your commitment to CPD if you do at least 7 hours of CPD every year.

Your commitment to CPD will be highlighted to learner drivers using the ‘Find your nearest driving instructors’ service if you agree to your details being published.

There are different processes for managing your ADI registration in Northern Ireland. You can still take CPD, but you can’t register your commitment to it.