Advanced Learner Loan

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Bursary fund

You may apply to get money from the Loan Bursary Fund after you’ve received a letter approving your Advanced Learner Loan.

The money can help pay for things like:

  • accommodation and travel
  • course materials and equipment
  • childcare
  • classroom assistance for a disability or learning difficulty - once you’re assessed by your college or training provider

How to apply

Apply to your college or training provider - each one has its own application process. How much you get depends on the provider’s scheme and your circumstances.

Speak to student services if you need support with your application.

How the money is paid

Your college or training provider decides how the money is paid. You’ll normally be paid direct. You might be able to arrange for the money to be paid to someone else instead, for example your landlord or childcare provider.

In some situations fund money must be paid back. This is generally if you’re a student experiencing a temporary financial difficulty and need a loan, for example for help with your mortgage or rent.


You can apply even if you get other types of funding, for example:

  • Professional and Career Development Loans
  • Disability Living Allowance

You cannot apply if you’re:

Appeal a decision

Contact your college or training provider to appeal a decision from the Loan Bursary Fund.