Add a product to the Energy Technology List

You can add a product to the Energy Technology List (ETL) as long as it meets the energy-saving criteria for its category.

Businesses that use products from the ETL can get 100% tax relief on the cost.

Some categories on the ETL do not list individual products but do have eligibility criteria, for example lighting, automatic monitoring and targeting systems and pipe insulation. If your product meets the criteria it’ll still qualify for tax relief.

Check your product’s eligible

Check the energy technology criteria for the specific testing and performance requirements for your product’s category.

If there is not a category for your product

Download and fill in a form to apply for a new technology category.

Send your completed form to the Carbon Trust.

Read the guidance on adding a category to the ETL.

Add your product to the list

You must register on the ETL before you apply to add products to the list.

Once you have an account you can log in to make an application at any time.

You can make as many applications as you like. You can make one application for multiple products if they have the same design characteristics. Otherwise you must fill in a separate form for each product you want to add.

You need:

Read the guidance on how to make an application.

What happens next

Your application will usually be assessed within 30 days. The assessor will contact you if they need more information.

If your application’s successful, your product will be added to the list when it’s next updated - this usually happens on the first of each month.

If you’re not your company’s main contact

Each company with products on the ETL has a main contact who’s alerted if there are any changes to the account, for example if someone else from the company registers.

The main contact is usually the first person from the company to sign up. If you’re replacing the main contact for your company, register yourself and then tell the Carbon Trust that you’re the main contact.

Carbon Trust
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