Zenair CH250, G-BIRZ, 9 September 2006

Zenair CH250, G-BIRZ


The pilot reported that there was no weather and the wind was from 140º at 12 kt. During the take off run the pilot had difficulty keeping the aircraft straight and had full right rudder and into wind aileron applied in an attempt to do so. After approximately 300 m the aircraft started to veer uncontrollably to the left. As he approached the takeoff speed of 50 mph the aircraft continued to veer left and the right wing lifted “slightly”. The aircraft then became airborne briefly in a very high nose up attitude. The left wing then struck the ground and bounced before striking the perimeter fence and penetrating it. The aircraft then slid down onto the beach before coming to rest on the fore shore above the water line. The occupants vacated the aircraft uninjured through its sliding canopy.

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Zenair CH 250, G-BIRZ 02-07.pdf (266.06 kb)

Published 10 December 2014