AAIB investigation to Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac, G-FAOH

Loss of control on landing, Hunsdon Airfield, Essex, 9 March 2014.


The microlight aircraft was landing on Runway 26 at Hunsdon Airfield when the accident occurred. The weather was fine, with a local surface wind forecast from 140° at 8 to 13 kt; the wind at Stansted Airport (8 nm to the north-east) at the time of the accident was from 180° at 9 kt. Shortly before touchdown, the aircraft appeared to experience a gust of wind, causing the left wing to lift. The pilot was unable to stop the aircraft rolling right and reported a “sudden heavy sinking”. The aircraft struck the ground short of the runway, coming to a stop inverted. Local club members assisted the pilot and his passenger, who both sustained minor injuries. The aircraft was substantially damaged but there was no fire.

Download report:

Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac G-FAOH 07-14.pdf (133.01 kb)

Published 10 December 2014