Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac, G-CDAK, 29 September 2013

Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac, G-CDAK


The aircraft was landing in a northerly direction at a grass airstrip. The pilot had not obtained a weather forecast and was unable to provide an assessment of weather conditions. However, he reported that a severe gust of wind lifted the right wing just before landing, when the aircraft was at a height of about 50 ft. There was insufficient height or speed for the pilot to correct the situation. The aircraft came to rest to the west of the airstrip, upright and facing back towards the landing threshold. The pilot was uninjured and able to vacate the aircraft normally. He reported that the landing gear, propeller and left wing were damaged in the accident.

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Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac, G-CDAK 12-13.pdf (173.73 kb)

Published 10 December 2014